How do I write a Will with Thai888 Law Company Thailand 2017

Hello, this is an interview with Barry Upton from the Pattaya Expats Club PEC.
After kelvin Bamfield CEO of Thai888 Law Company gave a 45 minute presentation on Wills Testaments and Probate Barry asked a few more questions.
Here is the interview. thai888 Law will testament thailand Pattaya 2017

A few highlights were that Kelvin said “just make a Will” you dont have to come and see us. But make sure you get it right and put everything together in a book.

Also that its not “Bad Luck” to not make a Will. Rather it is good luck as then you do not put the burden on others to do the Probate, as this demands a court appearance and is a lot of work for your friend or family.

Thai888 Law Company does all law issues in Thailand. However, Kelvin specialises in Probate cases as he is an English speaking Australian and people find him easy to talk to, especially if the person is outside of Thailand.

A grieving friend or relative finds great comfort in being able to ask questions and get answers in English. No disrespect to the Thai people as they do a great job once Thai888 Law sorts out the initial thai888 Law will testament thailand Pattaya 2017 inquiry.

Thank you to the PEC and Barry.

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  1. I will make another talk at the PEC next month with a few more problems that have occurred recently. Probate is not easy and so make it easy for those that need to administer the Will.

    In the meantime be aware that when you have your personal pin numbers and login names somewhere make sure that people can understand them. For me personally there would be at least 20 names and numbers.

    For example. your PIN might be 123456 and you write down *2**56 – of course you know what it is however should something happen to you then your partner or the Executor has a difficult time accessing the funds.

    What if you made your PIN your birthday or someone else’s birthday. if your birthday was on 5th Dec 1965, then 4 or 6 digits. ie 0512 or 1965 or 051219 (6 digits) or would it be 512196 or 051265

    Some ATM machines some machines will eat your card after 3 attempts.

    Write down your PIN in full – give it to a trusted 3rd party. When the time comes to access the card then there will be less problems.

    The above is based on a factual case.

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