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Wills, Probate and Repatriation by Thai Law requirements video click here

Many people don’t realise the importance of a Last Will and Testimony.

The presentation at the PCEC was for educational purposes and to show some of the issues that arise when mistakes are made.

Contact Thai888 and ask questions Please   PCEC expats club 22 April 2018 presentation on Probate and Wills. what goes right and what goes wrong and how to stop it thai888 law office staff arranged all the legals and funeral rights for mr derek playfor uk citizen


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  1. I have lost all faith in the usa system of google as it rarely shows our posts. All key words and tags are in place however we do not rank above the average joe making a quick post. Unfortunate indeed. Thai888 law has a great service for expats seeking good advice from and English speaking CEO. However we barely rate a mention. What is is. Of course we rely on word of mouth networking as it’s the best as google leaves us behind

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