TM28 Thai Immigration notice of change of address

Soi 5 Jomtien is where you will find Immigration normally ver  busy on Mondays and Fridays so pick a time in between faster


Fill out this form if you change address.

Example: If you are currently registered in you home or condo and you then stay overnight in a hotel, you will need to lodge a form with Immigration on your return.

You must do this within 24 hours otherwise you will be fined.


2 thoughts on “TM28 Thai Immigration notice of change of address”

  1. Well if you read the PCEC notices then you will find that all things change

    Most at Immigration Soi 5 are wanting the TM30

    The PCEC advises that if you are in doubt then go to Immigration and present your paperwork

    1. there is a lot of confusion around this
      Pattaya Immigration has said lately that if you are returning to your house or condo then you have already registered – if you go travelling to another area then the hotel normally gets you to fill in a TM30 and then they register where you are. Then you go back to your registered address later.

      TM30 is the landlords responsibility and so if you are renting out some condos then you still need to register your guests.

      EXPECT more changes

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