Thai888 Law Company Pattaya on Living Wills and Power of Attorney POA at PCEC

Thank you Pattaya City Expats Club for inviting me to present on Living Wills and Power of Attorney POA

I have received lots of feedback and sorry for my performance on the day (I was coming down with a cold and was having trouble catching my breath)

All is well now

any questions just contact me and I am at the club most Sundays

Happy mothers day for next Sunday 12th

If any one have any other legal issues then go to office 12 as they handle civil criminal family and company issues (if you have a house in co name then see Jeab as she does the accounts as well as the DBD)

If you want a Living Will then you can do it

Most hospitals have them and its free – just make sure you have a good strong Surrogate to carry out your wishes – Thai888 Law does this work but we need to charge a little as there are some costs.CEO thai888 law master of ceremonies at the funerals in Thailand

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  1. Been hearing a lot about plan ing ahead recently.
    I would advise a PAO and a Living Will as this is just good thinking and a bit of insurance for the worst if it ever happens. For the Thai people they get subsidised hospital and so no real financial issue but for foreigners hospital may cost you 100′ of thousands or.even millions of baht. Worth thinking about

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