Abroad Funerals Thailand I was absolutely distraught at the thought of having to deal with my fathers funeral in Thailand.

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Thailand has no jury system and so the Judge relies on facts in the form of documents and testimony. Criminal, Civil, Consumer, Family Law hearings are held in the Thai language. Therefore, an interpreter is necessary. Thai888 Law has experienced interpreters should you find yourself in Court. Thai Law is layered and so you may find yourself charged with something that you may not have thought was related to your case. Example: you may be renting to someone that has stopped paying rent. They are in breach of the contract. Therefore, this becomes a civil matter in trying to get your money back. However, you decide that you will just change the locks after you remove all of the tenant’s possessions out. Your actions are criminal and you may find yourself in trouble with the Law and your penalty will be far worse than losing some rent.

Making a Last Testament or Living Will for Thailand

Thai888 Law Company can draw up your Last Will and Testament by Thai Law standards. The document will be in Thai and English. All of your wishes, Beneficiaries, next of kin, assets, and their location are listed and placed in a booklet. You, as the Testator sign in front of 2 witnesses. 1 copy is kept in our office and 1 copy is for you. In Thailand, the Will and the Executor must apply and appear in Court. The Judge will ask you some questions about your worthiness to be the Executor and what relationship you have to the deceased. If the Judge is not satisfied with the Will or the Executor he/she may ask for more information or dismiss the application for Probate to begin. Thai888 Law Company offers an Executor Service, should there be no one available or unwilling to do the work required. The Executor nominated in the Will may resign their position as well. Thai888 legal services as the Executor can then work with the family on all the Probate legal issues. This has advantages as the original Executor does not have to appear in court, if overseas they do not have to leave their families and work, fly to Thailand, pay for hotels, transport, then possibly sell the assets and repatriate the money to the Beneficiaries. This is mostly done in the Thai language. Remember this is a stressful time and so why add to it. To make sure all aspects of Probate are above board, Thai888 Legal Services can act as the Co-Executors. This way, in your absence, we can do Probate for you. We are totally accountable under Thai Law and to the Court, the families, and Beneficiaries. Also, the court reviews the documents for any irregularities and the penalties for Thai888 Law, should anything be irregular, are very harsh. Contact Thai888 Law Company Pattaya as we can act as the Executor, Executor by Power of Attorney, Co-Executor with the Executor.  

Full Funeral Services by Allison Monkhouse

There is no easy way to talk about death and bereavement. And should the worst happen in Thailand Allison Monkhouse and Thai888 Law Company will take care of every aspect of this stressful time. Should you find yourself in a positon where you need to report, it is best to call Thai888 Law and we can then contact Allison Monkhouse ( Bangkok). After the next of kin has been advised and they have contacted the relevant Embassy, the process of the Funeral can begin. When Thai888 Law has been advised we can then lodge a plaint with the Court to start Probate. Getting a court date could take up to 3 months and the whole process, if no problem, has to be completed within one year. If there are issues then it may take up to 2 years. Contact us should you want more information on any aspect of Wills and Probate What is a Living Will and do I need one in Thailand. Under the CC Code of Thailand you can have one and it is enforceable under Thai Law.

Living Will for hospitals in Thailand

Within the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand, there is a provision to make a perfectly legal Living Will. Basically, should you be in an accident or have a terminal disease, a signed Living Will is stating your right to not be resuscitated, kept on a ventilator, put into a drug induced coma, kept alive by artificial means, etc. Your wishes are entered into this document that you, the Surrogate and 2 witnesses sign. A copy can be given to your hospital. You will need to name a Surrogate and they need to sign your Living Will. Should the need ever arise the Surrogate needs to meet with the Hospital Administration and instruct them to remove all artificial life-saving devices, make you comfortable and only give you pain lowering drugs. This is your right under the CC Code of Thailand. Thai888 Law Company can act as your Surrogate or a friend or family member can. However, they may need to speak Thai to make things understood at the Hospital. Contact Thai888 Law if you feel you would like a Living Will.

Whatever your legal requirements are Thai888 Law Company should be contacted.

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If someone passes away

First thing is to call the police. Get the name of the Policeman and the police department location. Then send this info to us by mail or phone 0801 0289 78 or SMS 0801 0289 78 mailto:[email protected] email
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