Abroad Funerals Cremation, Burial, Repatriation, Executor Services Pattaya Thailand

Imagine Carrie when she gets the call that a family member has passed away in Thailand. Arranging a funeral, cremation, was not easy for her. Carrie says, “I was absolutely distraught at the thought of having to And I only had one week to get things sorted as I had to return to UK and my work! One company for all your legal needs
I didn’t know the language or know the law but Kelvin at Thai888 Law, was the most patient, kind and knowledgeable person who speaks English as well of having the benefit of his working partner being Thai, proved the most effective team going. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Carrie

how do I make a Will to leave my assets to my wife or children what happens when someone dies who do i call?
Thai888 Law presenter Kelvin Bamfield at Pattaya Expats Club. Also Abroad Funerals Thailand Pattaya.

Full Funeral Services

Repatriation, Make a Will, Probate, Abroad Funeral one stop center

No other company offers this and more

Most importantly is that many people go from company to company trying to get 100’s of things done. A total waste of time and money. Because Abroad Funerals and Thai888 Law can do it all with a few phone calls from you.

100’s have tried our services and have rated us as 5 stars

Abroad Funerals Thailand
Thai888 is a law company and to save issues we made Abroad Funerals
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