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Thai888 Law Approach

Thai888 Law Company, Pattaya, like any business, is organic and is constantly growing and changing. As Thailand develops, more and more foreigners are arriving for business, pleasure, holidays or retirement. Our mission is to provide a “one-stop legal & funeral services company” to save you time, effort and stress.

Many years ago Clive Monkhouse Funeral Directors Australia came to our office to meet about us working together. This was and still is a perfect fit as having a Funeral Director service and Thai888 Law company working together not only saves you thousands of dollars, but also takes the stress our of finding/using several companies to achieve the same end result is gone, as Thai888 manages everything in house.

With every new case we learn from it and on the International stage, we have dealt with many different countries and their Laws. We have represented foreigners via Power of Attorney, contracts and in Thai courts. Our English speaking and qualified staff are here to help you and advise you on the best course of action. Thai888 Law Legal Services will save you money and time. Guaranteed. 

Thai888 Law Story

Jeab Supaporn Call me as I speak read and write English. I can help you. Thai888 Law Pattaya and beyond thai888 law probate funeral directo

is the owner of the Thai888 Law Company offices, Abroad Funerals Pattaya in office 10 and Thai888 Law Office in 12, and has many in house legal staff, full time, part time or by outsourcing to other Lawyers or companies. All under Jeab’s supervision. Criminal, Civil, Company, Family Law Services, Notary services are offered. Thai888 law has an Australian CEO responsible for Living and Last Wills, Funeral Director services, local and overseas Probate (when someone dies we take the matter to court) and repatriation of assets or the deceased. English and Thai languages. Thai888 Law and Funeral Directors have over the years developed a one stop company and so now you do not have to run all over town to separate businesses to get the one end result. In most cases we can save you 1000’s of Pounds, Euro, Dollars with just a few phone calls and emails.

How does Thai888 Law save you money?

As an example if you are old, sick, have family, have a job and cannot come to Thailand to deal with legal issues. Thai888 can make documents in Thai and English that you can sign and notarise and then return to us. We can then start the legal process. You have save on airfares, hotel, translators, taxi, and this equals dollar savings to you.

Abroad Funeral Service Pattaya

Thai888 Law office 10, offers full Abroad Funeral Services and cremation. Plus sea burials or sending back the ashes to their home country. Services include dealing with the hospital, morgue, police, Embassy as nothing happens without a letter of release, the family and friends, arranging the temple and cremation/flowers, video of the event. Then arranging the court hearing.

Office 12 Thai888 is responsible for the Civil, Criminal, Company, Law, accounting

and has several staff for this work. Therefore if you have any legal issue you should contact Jeab for a free 20 min consultation. http://www.thai8888.com

how do I make a Will to leave my assets to my wife or children what happens when someone dies who do i call?
Thai888 Law presenter Kelvin Bamfield at Pattaya Expats Club as recent as last Friday – just waiting for the new youtube video
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