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Thai888 Law has been providing Will testaments for years, perfecting our documents and customer services. In keeping all aspects of the business in-house, we registered Abroad Funerals Co. and no longer outsourced events and this minimized most problems. This merg also save on our resources which led to more efficiency and cost savings to clients. Many reviews showed us we were doing something right. From these changes we received recognition as the most innovative company in Southeast Asia in 2021 2022 and the best Wills and Probate Law company in Thailand in 2022.

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In 2023, through our experience in Probate court cases, we discovered that many expats lack family members to inherit their assets, leading us to suggest donating to charities. Additionally, some expats have young families, and certain assets cannot be transferred to them until they reach the age of 20.

Thailand’s absence of enduring power of attorney creates situations where assets and money must be set aside for the future care of a partner. For example, if an older partner intends to leave everything to a younger partner who subsequently becomes terminally ill and requires care in the future.

Thailand lacks trusts or escrow accounts accessible to ordinary individuals, which complicates the preservation and future use of assets. Our experience in this area has been challenging.

Recently, Thai888 Law applied for the establishment of the Thai888 Foundation, and we are currently in the registration process for this new phase of our companies.

Our vision for the Thai888 Foundation involves utilizing funds and assets to support small start-up projects and provide financial assistance to children for their basic needs, education, clothing, and fees. We have already been engaged in such activities for several years, but now we aim to formalize and legitimize our work.

To ensure effective management, the foundation will have a board of directors and an accountant who will assess and allocate funds to each project. Some projects have already begun, including an organic farm that is now operational and will serve as a model for similar initiatives. Regular evaluations will be conducted to ensure that funds are utilized for sustainable self-sufficiency.

Another ongoing project is the establishment of a school in Chiang Rai, where children are receiving education and nutritious meals.

We have also undertaken a project at a temple in Lopburi, renovating it to the extent that young men can now be ordained as monks. Previously, the temple was in disrepair, attendance was low, and families couldn’t afford ceremonies. Now, this important ritual is accessible to more families.

We rely on your continued support to fund these and other projects and to protect your assets into the future. For further information, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.

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