Thai888 Law Probate Q&A at the Pattaya City Expats Club PCEC 2018

From Wills to Probate

I did a presentation at the Pattaya City Expats Club on Sunday regarding Probate and the pitfalls.

As soon as the video is available I will post it as there was some good facts in there and 4 case studies on what can go wrong with Wills and Probate.

Thai888 Law is now a complete office for making Wills, arranging funerals and cremations, applying to the courts for a Grant of Probate, repatriating funds back to the Beneficiaries.

The last 3 clients did not even come to Thailand and simply instructed us via email, SKYPE, phone to carry out their wishes. Family and friends can not always come to Thailand to arrange things and so we make sure everything is taken care of.

Embassy, hospital, release letters, translations from the Dept of Foreign Affairs, bank accounts, selling assets, selling house and condominiums are some of the issues we control from our 2 offices.

Contact us should your need our services.  


Thai888 Law sharing what happens after you die – its one view

the late John Reidy

Some people may not be aware that John has passed away.

Probate will be coming up in a few months and so I will post here details

Thai888 Law Company handled all the legals and the funeral and cremation for John and the family

Go well John and you are missed along with your crazy Irish ways


Pattaya Expats Club and Thai888 Law Company

Thai888 Law is grateful to have a link with one of the oldest expats club in Thailand.

Pattaya Expats Club has given us a link here


Thai888 Law are also offering full funeral and cremation services from one of their two offices in Jomtien. This is one office that can make a Living or Last Will, arrange a full funeral, get docs from embassies, police, morgue and hospitals. Letters of release, next of kin letters to the Embassy, notarisation and translations from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Apostille Docs, International Legalised Docs, repatriation of remains or ashes, apply for a Grant of Probate, Act as your Executor or Surrogate, sell assets in the estates and send money back overseas to the Beneficiaries.


This is all arranged and managed by Thai888 Law Company Thailand.

Thai and Australian English speaking staff.

5 star service

Confusion: Thai888 Law and the funeral business?

one stop office for all legal issues in Thailand or International. Advisory services on loans and investing in Thailand

I have had many people not understanding Thai888 Law and the funeral business so please let me explain.

Even before the day you are born the legal arms are around you and it never stops all through your life.

Each day and year you become more entangled in the legal system until at the end of your life when all the legalities have to be undone.

Over 80% of our clients have chosen to live, work or retire in Thailand. Therefore, you can add more legal complications to the situation. Things like passports, visas, bank accounts, property, insurance and of course languages and of course different legal procedures.

So when someone dies in Thailand your legal life and identity must be undone and hopefully your assets not given to the state but to the people that you intended them to go to.

In order to do this you need to trust someone or a company that can look after your interests. And hopefully be knowledgeable enough to work with all the legalities as listed above. This person or company must be competent as this is one of the questions that the court with ask of them.

This entity will manage the assets of the deceased and work with the various organisations to wind up the estate. This could mean selling properties, closing bank accounts and sending the money to the Beneficiaries as listed in the Will.

Anyone who has done this before will realise how much work is involved and most of it is legal, so be prepared. Oh and to top it off it will be in Thai language. So you will be signing 100 or so documents in another language.

Thai888 Law Company CEO is Kelvin Bamfield. Born a native Australian. Kelvin is often named as the Executor of a Will and through his knowledge of international Probate Law he will make sure that assets are found (all around the World) and find their way back to the Beneficiaries.

Thai888 staff are trained to make Wills and administer them when the time comes.

Also as a value added service Thai888 Law can arrange everything from the time the person passes away, through clearances at the Embassies, morgue, police, hospitals right though to the arranging and completion of the funeral and cremation.

Thai888 Law Services will manage everything from the one office and so this will leave you and your family to concentrate on other things.

If you have any private matter then Thai888 adheres to client attorney privileged and so you can talk to us about anything.

Email us or call as we are ready.

Lawrence McLoughlin Probate was granted

Thai888 are the Executors of Lawrie McLoughlin’s Last Will. Please contact us if you have a claim on the estate. Pattaya Thailand

Today in the Pattaya Court number 7 Probate and the right to act as the Executor was granted to Mr Kelvin Bamfield from Thai888 Law Company Pattaya.

Lawrie McLoughlin was on the Board of the Pattaya City Expats Club and passed away in April 2017.

Anyone with a claim against the estate should contact

Thank  you – update Kelvin Bamfield has now been given a court order to wrap up the estate. This will commence this week 19th Feb 2018

Inheritance Thai888 Law

Well who said fairy tales dont come true.

What a nice happy ending story.

Just as well husband made a Will and so she has secured enough for her and family forever.


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Jerry Dean Pattaya City Expats Club and Thai888 Law Company

Sad news for another Expat and his passing in Pattaya.

Jerry was a friend and a valuable member of the PCEC Board. Jerry passed quietly in his sleep.

As was urged at the PCEC last Sunday. It was highlighted that Lawrie Mcloughlin (another PCEC member) passed in April 2017 without a Will and this has caused Jerry Dean Obituary thai888 law Pattaya PCEC many issues and delays.

Jerry Dean had a Will and this makes it easier on the ones left behind.

Thai888 Law Company is acting as Executor on both estates, liaises with the Embassies, hospital, police and we do all the funeral arrangements.

Attached is the Obituary for Jerry Dean. Go well matey.

Video of Gerry Dean youtube video of him and Ren

Thai888 Law legal work

This week Probate was finished for a man that died in Chiang Mai. I flew up with the team a few months back and gave testimony in the court as the children did not want to come to Thailand to administer the estate.

The Judge was most accommodating and allowed the children ( the Beneficiaries ) to resign and then appoint me as the Executor.

There were several cases on the ticket that morning and Thai888 Law was number 7. However, the Judge bumped our case and so we were number 1.

There was very little to the estate and it was not complicated. However, the bank account could not be closed until we had a court order.

Thai888 put everything in place and arranged for the bank (after signing several forms) to post a check to my bank.

After this was cleared I arranged for my bank to pay the 3 Beneficiaries – again many forms as the money was leaving Thailand and under the money laundering act we need all sorts of clearances.

The money landed in the Beneficiaries business in Pattaya funeral director services Chonburi with legal assistance from thai888 law company what do i do if death  accounts a few days later.