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Monday saw all of our mail systems down. We could receive emails but could not send as for an unknown reason. I called our domain hosting service Godaddy in Singapore. This did not help. It became its not our problem but they did try to help.

Email issues

The second call was to TOT Thailand and some techs came out on Tuesday. A few hours later they showed me a screenshot of the Singapore server rejecting emails.

Godaddy or TOT

Call back to Godaddy in the USA, where nearly an hour later I was getting angry as no sleep for a day and no email for 2 days.

Again Godaddy rejected that it could be their Singapore servers, although I had the screenshot of the servers rejecting mail!

So we have Singapore, Thailand, USA and me being an Australian trying to solve the blame game with me in the middle saying I have to run a company and staff and clients emails aren’t getting through.

In the end, it was not a Godaddy issue according to them nor TOT issue and so.

In the end, I did something very radical. I moved (migrated) our domain and all things to the USA.

6 hours later I got a messaging saying migration was completed. Then I reconfigured all the mail and certificates for SSL to show USA domain hosting.

Abroad Funeral Services Company Pattaya Thailand

Once things settle down I plan to make Abroad Funeral Thailand Website.

Don’t forget that Abroad Funeral Thailand is designed to take the worry and hassle from learning that a friend or family member has passed away in Thailand. What to do? where to start, who to call first? +66 8 0102 8978 do they speak English? Don’t waste time and just call us.

All is well now and so my apologies for any inconvenience –

My IT background saves the day

BTW my prior life I was the IT manager of Central Queensland University in Sydney NSW Australia and with this knowledge, I was able to fix this international issue. And so I hope something like this doesn’t happen to you as without technical knowledge it would be hard to diagnose the problem.

2 day problem with email, now sorted.

Alzheimer’s or just getting old Thai888 Law Funeral

Alzheimer’s who will help out. How to make a Will directive for carers.
Thai888 Law knows what to do.

I tend to forget sometimes that I am dealing with real living people and their emotions and bodies. Making a Will or enforcing a Living Will after doing it hundreds of times makes it sometimes impersonal and robot-like. After all, it is a legal document. But for some they want their legacy to live on through a charity or helping their Thai partner, their family or sometimes even the gardener or the cook.

When a Will is made it normally stats that the person making it is of sound mind. However, my experience lately is that some of my clients have or are developing Alziemers. These people are elderly and living alone.

Alzheimer’s is a dreadful decease and most debilitating. And the worst is that each day it shows and the person forgets many things, even why they are in my office.

The disease gets to a point where the person needs 24-hour care. Care that is not really available in Thailand and so the person takes whatever assistance they can get. Someone to just be there in case.

The carer may mean well but they have no experience in looking after someone with Alzheimer’s. None.

I am not saying this of all carers but one client has an awful lot of money missing from their account. The carer was given the PIN number and access as sometimes the client cannot get out of bed and needs supplies. Each day several withdrawals have been made.

A lot of trust is needed here. It’s not easy and what else can one do in this situation?

If you know someone in this position then get them to make a Will whilst they are still competent.

Also, try to make them understand that someone needs to look after their accounts, someone trustworthy.

If the person has a large estate or more than 2 bank accounts, get them to start reducing all things down to a manageable size. 2 bank books – 1 fixed interest and the other day to day should be enough. And don’t forget the 800K in the bank for Immigration. And to go every 90 days and to apply for your visa every 12 months.

Not easy when you can’t remember much at all.

I did not ever expect this to be part of my job. However, I can help in a few ways. I am the controller of property for may clients, meaning that should something happen I can control the asset if it is for a person under 20 years old.

I can help if you have a Living Will or the Last Will and I am the Executor.

I cannot help if you have nothing in place and no next of kin.

Therefore I ask you to make a Will and make sure that a trusted 3rd party has your access codes and PIN numbers – and I don’t mean the gardener or the cook as the temptation is too great.

Please act on this before its too late. [email protected]

 Alzheimer and Your Last WIll Thai888 Law

Galloper, Funeral, Pattaya, Probate, Insurance, Thai888 Law

A tough time for all involved and particularly as Gordon Halpin AKA “Galloper” and his wife Judy were friend of over 8 years.

As friends, we assisted from the beginning at the hospital, with the insurance company from Australia, the Police, and used Thai888 Law to arrange the funeral, cremation, insurance claim, and Probate. It was a very big day and thanks to all our staff and friends for making it so.

Here is the funeral of a big day for big Mr G at 6 foot 6 inches tall.

Living Will Thai888 Law

The Ministry of Public Health, healthcare bodies and political parties have been urged to do more to the public on patients’ right to reject medical treatment and a peaceful death and reduced health care… 

If you have any questions please email me [email protected]

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How to make a Living Will Thailand Thai888 Law 2019

Thai888 Law have upgrade out Living Will format to Switzerland standards. There is now a indemnity disclaimer to cover the Surrogate and the medical staff. Also a clause that allows the hospital to give “the Surrogate” the Testators hospital records. Please see Thai888 Law and Funeral Services should you want to make a Thai Living Will. Hospitals in the Chonburi area have confirmed our Living Wills comply with Thai Law Statute 12 and will accept it. However they request that you make and sign a copy of your passport and submit it to the hospital with your Living Will to put on file.

Thai888 Law one company 2 offices to serve you better.

Abroad Funerals Pattaya Thailand office 10

Law, Lawyer, repatriation, services, Will, Living Will, Law firm, Attorney, Solicitor, Funeral. All in the one company and guaranteed to save you time and money. One phone call or email is the start. If you cannot come to Thailand for any reason then we can do everything for you. The Embassy, Police, Hospital, Cremation, Repatriation, then wrap up the estate with a court order.

Thai888 Law & Abroad Funeral Pattaya Thailand Services.

Thai888 law and Monkhouse 2018

Make a Will and Testament with mailto:[email protected]– cremation and funeral – all legal and Embassy work – Court Probate – act as Executors of the estate – repatriation of assets – sea burial.   

funeral planning living last Will writing creation funeral directors law for probate repatriation English speaking translatri
a sea burial must take place with the approval of the Navy and for a small fee Thai888 Law can arrange this. It is a beautiful few hours with ashes and flowers being spread on the water. Many people take videos. Normally the staff of Thai888 Funeral Services have a camera handy. Contact us to arrange this.
ทำพินัยกรรมและงานศพ - งานทางกฎหมายและสถานเอกอัครราชทูต - มอบอำนาจศาล - ทำหน้าที่เป็นผู้บังคับบัญชาในที่ดิน - ส่งคืนทรัพย์สิน - ฝังศพในทะเล
Thả phinạykrrm læa ngān ṣ̄ph - ngān thāng kḍh̄māy læa s̄t̄hān xekxạkhrrāchthūt - mxbxảnāc ṣ̄āl - thả h̄n̂āthī̀ pĕn p̄hū̂ bạngkhạbbạỵchā nı thī̀din - s̄̀ng khụ̄n thrạphy̒s̄in - f̄ạng ṣ̄ph nı thale
Сделать волю и завещание - кремация и похороны - все юридические и посольские работы - судебное завещание - выступают в качестве исполнителей имущества - репатриация имущества - морское захоронение.
Faites un testament - incinération et funérailles - tout ce qui est légal et lié à l’ambassade - Acte judiciaire - est le bourreau de la succession - le rapatriement des biens - l’inhumation en mer
制定遗嘱和遗嘱 - 火化和葬礼 - 所有法律和使馆工作 - 法院遗嘱认证 - 作为遗产执行人 - 资产汇回 - 海葬。
Zhìdìng yízhǔ hé yízhǔ - huǒhuà hé zànglǐ - suǒyǒu fǎlǜ hé shǐguǎn gōngzuò - fǎyuàn yízhǔ rènzhèng - zuòwéi yíchǎn zhíxíng rén - zīchǎn huì huí - hǎizàng.
Déan Will agus Testament - creimniú agus sochraide - gach obair dhlíthiúil agus ambasáide - Promhadh na Cúirte - gníomhú mar Fheidhmeannaigh an eastáit - athshlánú sócmhainní - adhlacadh farraige.
Membuat Wasiat dan Perjanjian - kremasi dan pemakaman - semua pekerjaan hukum dan Kedutaan - Pengadilan Probate - bertindak sebagai Pelaku dari perkebunan - repatriasi aset - pemakaman laut.
Maacht e Wëll a Testament - Kremre a Begréissung - all legal a Botschaft Aarbecht - Geriicht Versammlung - als Executor vum Immobilie - Rapatriéierung vun Verméigen - Seegebierg.
すべての法律および大使館の作業 - 裁判所の検察官 - 不動産の実行者 - 資産送還 - 海の埋葬 -
Subete no hōritsu oyobi taishikan no sagyō - saibansho no kensatsukan - fudōsan no jikkō-sha - shisan sōkan - umi no maisō -
Hacer un testamento y testamento - cremación y funeral - todo trabajo legal y de embajada - Corte testamentaria - actuar como Ejecutores del patrimonio - repatriación de bienes - entierro en el mar
Зробіть волю та заповіт - кремацію та похорону - всю правову та посольську роботу - Судові обвинувачення - виступати Виконавцями маєтку - репатріацію майна - морські поховання.
Zrobitʹ volyu ta zapovit - krematsiyu ta pokhoronu - vsyu pravovu ta posolʹsʹku robotu - Sudovi obvynuvachennya - vystupaty Vykonavtsyamy mayetku - repatriatsiyu mayna - morsʹki pokhovannya.
Vytvořit vůli a zákon - kremace a pohřeb - veškerá legální a velvyslanectví - soudní zkouška - jednat jako exekutoři panství - repatriace majetku - pohřebiště na moři.
CEO thai888 law master of ceremonies at the funerals in Thailand
Will and testament all legal work court probate assets repatriation all from our Thai888 Law and Funeral offices