Notarize documents

How to get documents notarised

In fact the content of the documents is not being notarized by the Lawyers. It is the person that is sitting in front of the Notary and that Notary witnesses them signing, also also stating that they look like their identification picture of their passport or ID Card.

Apostille documents

In many cases involving Government docs an Apostilled stamp is needed and these can only be done at an Embassy or Consulate. These are embossed stamps. numbered and signed off by the Minister.

What kind of stamp do i need

Normally the company or person wanting verification of the person states clearly who shall be able to make the notary statement or give the stamp. Note the name, commission expiry date and the state or area of the Notary.

Normally another document is added to make a statement

Thai888 Law has 5 Notaries

Please make an appointment should you want anything notarised. It would also help if you could explain what the docs are or even better send a picture of the doc, so that we can advise you on if a Notary or an Apostille is needed.