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To Kelvlin and Jeab

I cannot say enough how My wife and I appreciate all that you have done for us after our son’s passing in Thailand. The funeral arrangements were perfect, how you handled the paperwork for bringing his remains home and dealing with the probate was done in such a professional manner. We can’t thank you enough and would recommend you services to others with similar unfortunate circumstances.

Thank you so much

Wayne and Christine Hansen.

deceased estate money from the bank how do i get the money close down account and transfer the money back to my country
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Thai888 Foundation

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Thai888 Law has been providing Will testaments for years, perfecting our documents and customer services. In keeping all aspects of the business in-house, we registered Abroad Funerals Co. and no longer outsourced events and this minimized most problems. This merg also save on our resources which led to more efficiency and cost savings to clients. Many reviews showed us we were doing something right. From these changes we received recognition as the most innovative company in Southeast Asia in 2021 2022 and the best Wills and Probate Law company in Thailand in 2022.

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In 2023, through our experience in Probate court cases, we discovered that many expats lack family members to inherit their assets, leading us to suggest donating to charities. Additionally, some expats have young families, and certain assets cannot be transferred to them until they reach the age of 20.

Thailand’s absence of enduring power of attorney creates situations where assets and money must be set aside for the future care of a partner. For example, if an older partner intends to leave everything to a younger partner who subsequently becomes terminally ill and requires care in the future.

Thailand lacks trusts or escrow accounts accessible to ordinary individuals, which complicates the preservation and future use of assets. Our experience in this area has been challenging.

Recently, Thai888 Law applied for the establishment of the Thai888 Foundation, and we are currently in the registration process for this new phase of our companies.

Our vision for the Thai888 Foundation involves utilizing funds and assets to support small start-up projects and provide financial assistance to children for their basic needs, education, clothing, and fees. We have already been engaged in such activities for several years, but now we aim to formalize and legitimize our work.

To ensure effective management, the foundation will have a board of directors and an accountant who will assess and allocate funds to each project. Some projects have already begun, including an organic farm that is now operational and will serve as a model for similar initiatives. Regular evaluations will be conducted to ensure that funds are utilized for sustainable self-sufficiency.

Another ongoing project is the establishment of a school in Chiang Rai, where children are receiving education and nutritious meals.

We have also undertaken a project at a temple in Lopburi, renovating it to the extent that young men can now be ordained as monks. Previously, the temple was in disrepair, attendance was low, and families couldn’t afford ceremonies. Now, this important ritual is accessible to more families.

We rely on your continued support to fund these and other projects and to protect your assets into the future. For further information, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.

Abroad Funerals Thailand I was absolutely distraught at the thought of having to deal with my fathers funeral in Thailand.
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2020 lets hope its a good decade. Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals Pattaya

This post is in no way to undermine Government initiatives in dealing with the Covid issue.

2020 has turned out to be a year of misdirection, misinformation, bankruptcy, psychological damage, censorship in an unprecedented massive scale, fines for not adhering to the unscientific laws and no transparency. It has been shut up or the law will shut you up!! And this was done as no one really new where this event was heading. However, scientists at the front line were opening stating that there was no pandemic and they were labelled conspirators and anti vaxxers – and now these same professionals are being proven right as you can see below

The media has fanned this event to unbelievable heights and scared the vulnerable into pleading for a vaccine at any cost. All the normal testing procedures and the long term effects of the new untested mRNA nano based vaccine have not been adhered to as people are desperate for a vaccine

However, 1000s of doctors and professors are banned, censored, shut down and some even died for their views on Corona 19.

As the year unfolded and now into 2021 many of the truths are finally coming out and the lies the media told us are being undone with fact and sciences

For a start we were assured that our DNA was safe and not altered in any way by the vaccines (by the way they are gene altering drugs and not registered as vaccines). If you dared to question the safety you were vilified, censored, shut down, banned by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – now later we get proper scientific reports here from Jan 2021

Now in Jan 2021 here is a report proving that our DNA is in fact altered and this was known to people associated with the hysteria from CDC WHO etc. However with millions of doses of the vaccine already inside the bodies of ill informed humans we just need to see what will happen.

One apparent side effect is that the vaccine does make the body react and produce antibodies, hence the sore arm, headaches and associated lethargy (several other effects and sometimes death). However what is expected that when the body is infected later with another coronavirus like the seasonal flu then the bodies immune system over reacts and goes into  “cytokine storm,” 

The body overreacts as it has nano based “vaccine” and goes into overdrive and  causes more damage to its own cells than to the invader it’s trying to fight. Link

Another myth debunked was that Vit D didnt help however this has now been disproven and it does help. Besides its natural and if it helps why not take it? Why ban posts for suggesting anyone look after their immune systems? if it doesnt hurt then take it just in case it works, but no this news was banned and censored from people and they were steered towards the vaccine (that want even on the market!!) Link

I watched this SARS vaccine video from 60 mins and again this was hyped from the media to such an extent that people were lining up for a shot and this was totally not needed as the SARS epidemic DID NOT EVENTUATE

https://video.canund.com/watch/doctors-around-the-world-issue-dire-warning-do-not-get-the-covid-vaccine_YrYRfO9PRVCK8vI.html A few of the 1000z of doctors virologist epidemiologists professors giving their professional opinions, however they are being censored by FB, Google, YouTube and governments around the world

Finally these pandemics has peaked and fizzled out many times – think AID’s, SARS, MERS, Common seasonal flu, H1N1 and behind the scenes has been Doctors professors hospitals relying on grants to survive (think the Tabaco debacle where all the doctors said nicotine is not addictive) later to be proven wrong and massive fines

Last, when I was a kid this appeared in Australia on TV to scare everyone that we were all going to die from AIDS – it was terrifying for kids as you can see by the images – not only was everyone scared children that had an immune disorder were banned from school. Well kids do get immune system disorders and life if sad sometimes as some dont make it. Have a look at this pandemic as some died but again they died from many disorders but AIDS or a corona virus was blamed. Now in Australia the Government has destroyed the economy and the debt is now approaching 2 trillion dollars and this will take 8 generations of children to pay it back. All for what?

I understand there are many out there will potentially compromised systems and you need hope in a vaccine however the first line of defence is your own body. Exercise, eat right, take vitamins, have no stress as that will kill you, enjoy life and get out there and get some sunshine.

Whats AIDS propogander “the grim reaper” imagine what this does to a kids mind? click THIS IS HOW THE MEDIA works and so dont listen to them or no all forum type of people – get info from reliable scientists (check WHO and CDC and UK gov websites as they are continually updating there info as most of it has been revised)

Be safe be happy and do your own research PLEASE