Sea Burial at naval base Pattaya Thai888 Law Company 2018

Thai888 Law Company can write your Will, do Probate, repatriate your assets to family, friends and charities.


Now we can offer sea burials to dispose of the ashes in a beautiful way.


Check this out  (CLICK HERE) – a good friend and client passed away in the UK and his ashes were brought back to Thailand as he lived on and off here for years.


A short video shows all. Enjoy and contact me if you should require a Will, Probate, repatriation etc

cremation funerals by thai888 law and monkhouse funerals
Jamie Proctor only 54 years old and gone to sudden and to soon
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1 thought on “Sea Burial at naval base Pattaya Thai888 Law Company 2018”

  1. This video has had over 750 views on line and not one review here on google.
    It is a great service and and a beautiful send off.
    Thai888 law does a whole package from Wills to probate and repatriation. See burial is the way to go however you need special permissions from the navy. Contact us asap on [email protected]

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