Richard Ravensdale PEC Thailand Funeral (postponed)

To all those concerned – this matter is out of our hands I am sorry

please be advised that Richard Ravensdale’s from the Pattaya Expats Club in Thailand funeral for the 27th August 2010 has been cancelled until further notice

Thai888 Law does not have the power of attorney (POA) needed to release Richards body from the Hospital for cremation

This POA is held by another party and we are in the process of getting a new one from the UK Embassy – possibly next week

We shall advise you in due course

Again please accept our apologies for the delay however it is beyond our control

CAN you please advise anyone else that was going?

Thank you regards Kelvin

richard ravensdale PEC cancelled funeral 27th Aug 2020

2 thoughts on “Richard Ravensdale PEC Thailand Funeral (postponed)”

  1. I have to add that this has never happened before in all our years of service and again I am sorry that the power of attorney failed to deliver what they are tasked to do by law and by the family

  2. Richard was cremated in a small private ceremony, RIP Richard. Thank you to and Abroad Funerals Pattaya

    A live video was streamed to the family in the UK

    I gave a talk at the Pattaya Expats club to explain the legal boundaries of the people involved in ANY Will.

    The writer of the Will is the Testator, the next of kin NOK had limited legal rights confined to getting the correct docs to allow the funeral cremation to proceed, clear the body from hospital, police report, forensic report, etc.

    The Beneficiaries have no real power unless they as interested parties wish to challenge something. However they need to do this in court with their own attorneys.

    The Executors of the Will need to go to court and get power from the court to liquidate the assets and pass the money onto the Beneficiaries. This is called a grant and then a court order.

    The Executor cannot favour one party over another and the Judge is the only one that can rule on:
    if the Will is legal – if there is more than one Will or the Will is legal or not
    if the Testator was in the right from of mind and body and that he was under no pressure or threat to change his Will
    the correct NOK was used to clear all the issues to get to funeral
    if the Beneficiaries are of age, of correct mind, and can prove who they are
    if power of attorney POA is given then is it correct
    if the Executor wants to do the work, or they are working for the estate, if they are telling the truth under penalty of perjury, that they are not concealing any information that may change the judges decision
    once the court makes its ruling there may be challenges
    if no challenges then the Executor can sell condos, houses, cars, bikes, personal property, close bank accounts, close companies, all things that were the Testators are released and the money is given to the Beneficiaries

    This was the basis of my talk and so I hope people better understand this simple Will is more than a simple document. So please be prepared otherwise there may be a long civil court case to get the assets to the people that you list in your document = the Last Will and Testament. [email protected]

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