New TM7 & TM8 forms from Thai Immigration 2017

form_tm8_2017 form_tm7_2017

click the link above to download the newest 2017 forms from Immigration.

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TM7 is the form for yearly application for extension of stay – commonly referred to as a Retirement Visa.

TM8 is the form form for re entry into Thailand.

Both forms are current.



1 thought on “New TM7 & TM8 forms from Thai Immigration 2017”

  1. Thai888 Law and Funeral services can assist you with your application to Immigration for Visa.

    There are many things changing and the new regulations regarding health insurance are one of them.

    At the moment Non-O-A is affected and health insurance looks likely to go ahead with this visa type.

    Do not panic about the Non-O (retirement) visa as this has not been mentioned yet.

    The bottom line is, do not stress about this as there is always plan B.

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