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We haven’t posted the many reviews we get for a long time however we think this is important

My friend, David, passed away one year ago. As Executor, I was faced with duties which took 8 months to complete! From cremation to estate settlement, and probation in the courts I faced daunting tasks.  The staff at Thai888 Law Co. was extremely helpful. They guided me through each stage with professional and friendly support.  Jeab , Kelvin and staff are to be thanked and I would recommend them to anyone facing this situation.  Doug B.


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  1. Thai888 Law is a few companies combined and this makes it better for those going through this tough time.
    Thai888 Law writes the Will, Abroad Funerals does the funerals and all the legals that go with it, after the Will is presented to the courts for a grant of probate that you need to close bank accounts, transfer cars bike property.
    Thai888 Foundation can distribute the assets to charities or manage them until your children reach 20 years old, or distribute them to an incompetent partner left behind.

    All this by the above combined companies that have won several awards for the unique approach to these legal issues. They take the worry and grief from you and focus on the best outcomes for you and the families.

    Given them a try and please reads the reviews from past grateful clients
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