How to make a Last Will and Testament in Thailand?

How do I write a Last Will and Testament in Thailand? The easiest way is let do it as we have years of experience and one entire office set up just for Wills and Probate and repatriation.

You can write your own Will by hand, date and sign it. But if its wrong the court could rule it invalid – best get Thai888 legals to do it.

You can get a Last Will and Testament from Thai888 Law Company – normally 50% discount at only 5000 baht.

You can go to a more expensive company. However they may not give you the personal service that we can.

The Will needs your information such as, name as you are the Testator, address, contact details.

Your assets or what you own in your name should be listed. Car, bike, condo or flat or house, company, bank account – because if not listed then how will people find them should you pass away? Thai888 staff do this research everyday.

The people you want to leave things to, the Beneficiaries, should be written in the Will along with their contact details. 

You need to write down who will manage everything should you die. This is called the Executor and every Will should have one.

If the Will is typed then you should get 2 witnesses to sign at the same time and with the same pen as you do.

Date the Will as well.

Thai888 Law makes 2 copies of the Will and its in Thai and English – you keep one and we keep one. We can also scan one for you and you can then forward this to the Beneficiaries or a trusted 3rd party as a record.

The reason for the above is that a Last Will and Testament is a legal document and in Thailand the Will and the Testator, the person that wrote it, must go to court to prove that the Will is real and the Executor can do the work of preparing the documents with the Embassy, hospital, police, morgue, temple, courts, banks, power of attorneys from the family, and much much more. 

Thai888 Law does everything for you and honestly the manager of your Will, the Executor, would have a very difficult time doing the work. Although wanting to carry out your wishes it becomes impossible sometimes and so a phone call to Thai888 Law and then we do everything.