Funeral for foreigner in Thailand

Yes, Thai888 Law has 2 offices and one is for Wills, funerals and probate – and everything in between.

Now we can offer a whole range of options and prices – also sea burials.

Thai888 do not do pre planned payments for your future plans as there is no trust or Escrow in Thailand to hold this money. So consider this carefully.

The way Thai888 structures a Will guarantees that there is money for your future plans. 

So plan carefully and see us for any questions you may have and this will ensure there is no mess left for your family or friends.

Also Thai888 Law and funeral has several years more International Probate experience than other companies – something to consider as this will save money and time. 

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  1. OK, Thai888 Law has finally got office 10 up and registered as Abroad Funeral Services Thailand. We did this as the Embassies did not want to list a Thai888 law office as a Funeral Director. Fair enough. Now we have registered Abroad Funerals at the Department of Business Development DBD.

    However, our Objective was to make it easier for you. A one-stop service center if you like.

    You see there are a lot of legal steps in arranging a funeral cremation for a foreigner that dies in Thailand. A lot.
    Not in order however the next of kin NOK is contacted by the deceased Embassy. It’s easier if a Last Will and Testament are made. This lists all the family/friends contacts and their details
    A form of power of attorney is made in Thai and English and sent to the NOK. The NOK signs 2 docs in Thai and English, also signs a copy of their passport, scans this and emails it back to us or the Embassy. CC us as we have to go and pick up the Consular Letter. This is just the start.

    In summary, once you sign off then Abroad Funerals Thailand can do everything from the police, hospital, forensic hospital, Embassy, Full Funeral Services, Sea Burial, repatriation of deceased or ashes, then off to court with Thai888 Law to do the Probate. No other company in Thailand does this. None.

    Having Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals side by side make good business sense as this saves you running all over Thailand trying to get things organised. See Sepia Technique’s review as this sums it up beautifully.

    Another service is that should you be chasing money, assets or pensions in another country we have a special officer to track lost money down. So email us on [email protected]

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