Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If I need to see Thai888 Law should I make an appointment?

Yes please make an appointment as we are a small busy office. Email or call or drop in.

Does Thai888 Law deal with overseas legal issues?

Yes, we do.

Does your Thai888 Law staff speak English?

Yes, they do. Thai888 Law has an Australian CEO and a Thai and English speaking Director

Does Thai888 Law work outside of Pattaya area?

Yes Thai888 Law works all over Thailand however be aware that should you retain our services you will need to cover these costs.

Does Thai888 Law charge by the hour?

Not very often as our fees are set. However, should a very unexpected event occur we prefer to negotiate with the client on what is fair.

Why should I hire Thai888 Law over other bigger companies?

Thai888 Law owns our 2 offices, cars etc. and so our overheads are lower. Also, we are very down to earth and our fees are widely accepted by the foreign community. Thai888 Law encourages potential clients to go to other law firms and compare the costs. Also, our English speaking staff will make sure you understand everything that we propose to you and your case.

You say Thai888 Law is a one stop service center what do you mean by that?

If anyone has had any dealings with the Government here then they realise that everything is in Thai language and they will never be told all aspects of whats going on. For Example when someone wants a work permit. These departments and a lot of paperwork are involved. Immigration, Department of Business Development, Labour Department, the company you will work for or your own company, Banks to set up accounts, Social Security, Revenue, an accountant.

Thai888 Law does all this for you ie a one stop legal service center.

Also, when you make a Testament Will. All documents regarding the bank, your condo, banks, bike book, car book, next of kin, contacts, Embassy, passport, etc. need to be all in the one booklet so that when the time comes this document and the Executor has to go to court.

Thai888 Law Company Pattaya is the only company in Thailand that can manage all of this work. That’s our reputation as a one stop legal center and this saves you time, money and frustration of dealing with a system that is difficult and in a different language.

Book mark Thai888 Law Company as a good resource.

Abroad Funerals is now registered with DBD

(owned by Thai888 Law) as of July 12 we are still setting up the new website – Thai888 Law is busy with legal matters and Abroad Funerals was set up to take the load off as work is increasing with Wills Repatriation Cremations/Funerals and the legal work that goes with this. Also Probate issues have become a large part of our work. Many foreigners have investments when they die and I have to find them. So make it easy and make a Will.

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