Thai888 make a Will, funeral directors, probate, sea burial of ashes and repatriation. Planning Ahead.

The passing of Mr Jean Francois Fabry a French citizen that had lived in Thailand for over 30 years.

Family is in France and has allowed Thai888 Law Company to handle all things, probate and repatriation of assets.

For control and management of this very stressful time for the family Thai888 Law is one office that does everything.

Do not waste time and effort in dealing with several Government and non Government departments .  One stop Thai888 Law office. English and Thai translators for documents necessary for here and France

Also now offering sea burial with Naval Chaplin and boat.


Japanese tourist dies in Pattaya Thai888 Law

An elderly gentleman died in his hotel room in Pattaya and when staff discovered this they contact his insurance company that then rang Thai888 Law.

I took the call as they preferred to speak English.

They requested a simple cremation as there was a small budget to be paid out through the insurance.

The deceased son flew out and I met him at his hotel in Pattaya.

Via a Samsung smart phone on Google translate we were able to make plans and carry them out to make sure his father was properly cremated and the ashes returned to Japan for a proper ceremony.

Thai888 Law staff did everything from collecting the body and the death certificate from Bangkok, to transferring the body to the temple for cremation. Water, flowers, coffin, urn were all supplied.

Only 6 people attended and all of these things were done through the smart phone.


new Thai language website of Thai888 law office 2018

Links have been added to our website to make it easier for Thai people to navigate our website

You may notice that it is automatically translated to English

This is OK is you have English as a 1st language

if you want to see the original without translation then there is a box on the upper right hand that you can tick

Thai888 Law has English and Thai speaking staff and so we can get the right person to give you information

The web page was upgraded to Thai as we find that there are many Thai partners that need to understand the complicated process of law and in particular probate should you lose a loved one

Contact our staff as they understand your needs in trying times mailto:[email protected]

Thai888 Law and working with us via the internet

Thai888 Law had recent referrals from the UK Embassy to help out on foreigners that have unfortunately died in Thailand. Due to family commitments or financial issues families and friends could not come to Thailand to manage the funeral and cremation of their loved ones. A few phone calls to get their LINE Skype Messenger or Whats-app account then put us together and talking for as long as it took to resolve issues. Virtually free!! Family then asks for an invoice to show whats necessary and the costs. Once the money has been transferred into our account then we can start work with the Police, Morgue, Hospital, Embassy etc. This has proved very efficient over the past 10 days. Apart from the emotional aspect of a family member dying there are cost and if these can be minimized
deceased 2018
Thai888 Law can assist if you need to get a funeral or cremation done in Thailand and cannot come here.
all the better. Contact  should you ever need our services

Thai888 Law sharing what happens after you die – its one view

another new office for Thai888 Law Company

law probate testament Will accounts thai888 law legal office funeral directors with allison monkhouse

thai888 work permit customer

thai888 law meeting room 1

thai888 law staff water views

thai888 law has 2 office in the same building
Thai888 Law Office – at number 12 for all legal requirements
OK we still have office 10 in the View Talay 5D building and now we have the corner office 12 overlooking the pool area.

Office 10 is for Living Wills, Last Wills, Probate issues.

Office 12 is for all criminal, civil, consumer, family and company Law issues.

Our LED advertising sign is bright and many people read it.

As soon as the signs are up I will post pictures for you.