Thai888 Law signing a Last Will in absentia – August 2020

For those in the UK and due to the corona virus the following is offered.

Normally, the Will needs to be signed in the same room with the same pen and often a video or a picture is take to prove a few things.

Number 1 is that the person was competent, a key part of the Will.

Number 2 that there is no forgery as the Testator is signing the Will that can be clearly seen.

Many times Thai888 Law has drawn up a Will for a person living overseas and couriered this and a pen to the Testator so that they can used their witnesses in the same room at the same time and same pen.

For those living in the UK there is this

DONT FORGET that Thai888 Law has another company called Abroad Funerals and together we can manage everything from making the Will, funeral cremation, all the legal issues with the Embassy, police, forensic lab, transport, repatriation and application to the court for a Grant of Probate, we can act as your Power of Attorney as no one can fly into Thailand to attend court and the judge has approve our Australian CEO to represent you, sell assets and send to you the money from the assets and bank accounts. We clear this through the Money Laundering Office, so there are no issues.

Also talk to me about the Death Tax in the UK as we may save you paying 40% in the total assets.

All this can be done with a few phone calls and the internet.

Don’t put anything off as covid is out there


Thai888 Law brings you the latest CV19 transparency report

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Common Law exists – Thai888 Law

Common Law

is alive and well in Australia and so make sure you have your affairs in order – read on NSW family taught hard lesson about inheritance after woman claims father’s super and estate By A Current Affair Staff|5 days ago A New South Wales family has learned the hard way that the people named to inherit superannuation when a loved one dies are not necessarily the ones who end up getting it.Mark Baker died in a car accident in southern Sydney last year. His family believe he fell asleep behind the wheel.As if his death wasn’t enough, the Bakers were further devastated when Michelle, who they believed Mark had boarded with, claimed his estate and super.Mark Baker’s son maintains he and Michelle were not in a relationship. (A Current Affair)”I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. How’s this even possible? And immediately I thought ‘how dare you, my dad is dead,'” Mr Baker’s son, Nathan, told A Current Affair.Michelle claimed she and Mark were in a defacto relationship and even planning to marry.The assertion left the Baker family dumbfounded. They claim the pair were “definitely not” in a relationship.Despite Mark naming his children as beneficiaries of his super, Michelle was able to claim it after his death.

Common Law in Thailand

Most of the time this is not recognised , however recently a Dutch man proved that he brought money into Thailand for the express purpose of building a house for his intended wife. The common law partner did not build the house and so the man took the matter to court and he won.

Keep your receipts says Thai888 law

When you bring money into Thailand for property you need a bank TT3. Why? because at some stage in the future you may need to sell you house and take the money out from Thailand. A TT3 for the same amount will let you do this. Also should you have issues then you can take the matter to court and produce the TT3 as evidence.

Pre Nuptial works with Thai888 Law

a prenup as they are commonly called simply states that what you bring into the marriage is yours and is not paid of the combined property and no claim is made on it, as both sign this doc and register it at the time of marriage. However whatever you make after marriage is considered 50/50 upon divorce. This include debts and so if either party runs up debts via gambling, accident, etc. then each party is responsible.


It is most important that you make a Will. A Living Will is designed to withhold life sustaining artificial means to keep you alive. A Last Will is for your assets and funeral and who gets what. If you are a foreigner in Thailand a Will is a must have. Its not expensive and makes sure that your wishes are carried out to the fullest. Thai888 Will service is top class and we even offer an Executor service. For more details click here

Contact Thai888 Law or Abroad Funerals for all your needs

Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals and Juridipedia

Thai888 Law Company did not know we were listed on Juridipedia and so thank you for whoever did this. It shows we have 4 x 5 star ratings and so this does not take into account our Google stars as well.

Thank you and we look forward to your inquiries as we are the only combined legal and Abroad Funeral Services in Thailand. If you have ever done a funeral you will know all the legal red tape needed before a funeral cremation can take place. Thai888 Law does everything for you and deals with the police, building manager, transport to hospital and onto the forensic lab in Bangkok, consulate and embassy requirements, next of kin, court, probate, repatriation of remains and assets. All in the Thai language. With our Australian CEO this makes things a lot easier. Plus now that there are no flights into Thailand you can do all this remotely from your country – a few phone calls then use LINE, SKYPE, MESSENGER, WHATSAPP to get docs here and there. Book mark us for the future as we handle all forms of law.

Corona CORVID 19 Thai888 Law

Please stay safe - as they say get your house in order - try not to travel and if you do there could be an insurance issue

If you have time on your hands think about upgrading or making a Last Will and Testament or a Living Will - I am not saying this lightly and am just repeating the advice from various Governments and travel advice blogs

good luck


2020 Chinese New Year Thai888 Abroad

living Will and last Will is a must have in Thailand – its much cheaper than laying in hospital racking up huge bills

Its only Jan and such bad news – air breathing mask

Wow trying to stay positive however the air quality is very very bad and so you should have a breathing mask if you are outside for any length of time.

Air purifier for home or office

These are good machines as they detect bad air and filter it – you will sleep better and also give your lungs 7-8 hours to recover.

Air pollution, Chinese Corona Virus, Economy

Not looking good at all – many expats doing it tough as their currency is down against the Thai Baht. This means some are cutting back on necessities. However you should make a Will – this is cheap compared to the costs incurred if you don’t have one

THAI888 Living and Last Will

This is happening now. A young man laying in hospital in a coma from a bike accident. There is no Living Will or Thailand Last Will, therefore no one can make decisions about this young mans future. There is no next of kin (NOK) and so the Embassy has to nominate someone to make decisions for this man via a power of attorney POA. The person nominated may be simply getting on with their life and may not need this responsibility. They may not want to travel to Thailand to take care of this case. Because when you think of it there is added expense, work and family disruption, airfares/hotel/taxi/translator and doing extremely difficult legal work in Thailand. The cost per day in the ICU hospital is 70,000 baht per day however if this young man had of made a Living or Last Will then someone could have managed this situation. For example the patient could have been moved to another (international) hospital at 40,000 baht per day. But unfortunately this is not the case. No documents and the patient just lies there.

Last Will Living Will Thai888 Law

Making a Last or Living Will is not about age as this person is in his 40’s and I have another friend in hospital with a stroke (age 43) – If you are riding a motor bike in Then this is the number 1 killer on the roads – you are gambling and need to make preparations with a Will – its not expensive. You may say “oh I dont have anything” and this is not true. You have your body and if something happens like the above someone needs to make decisions for you.

You may think “oh its easier for someone else to look after” not true as the situation above is costing 70,000 baht per day. This burden belongs to someone

You need to contact me NOW.

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expired domain

at the start of 2020 i received notice that was a dangerous site and people should enter at their own risk, really? I suppose this is what happens when the search engine practically owns the internet. is up and running and is safe

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Happy New Year decade from Thai888 Law & Abroad Funerals Pattaya

2019 was a great year for Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals Pattaya

Why? Because our business grew through networking and the trust that the Expat community put in us. We helped many people in 2019, some that couldn’t travel to Thailand for whatever reason. Unfortunately we lost a few friends on the way to 2020. As friends we took the burden of decision making from them and arranged the Embassy pre funeral work, the funeral and sea ashes burial, then court Probate. It was my duty to act for the deceased as their Executor (manager of the Will property). Some members of the Pattaya City Expats Club passed away and Abroad Funerals managed everything for the friends and family.

The LGBT Community

a large part of our business was from the LGBT community as many were wanting to look after their partners should something happen to them. A Will Testament was prepared to cover the partner in the event that something happened to the Testator (owner of the properties/bank accounts). The issues were somewhat complex in that the Testator had overseas assets as well and in the case of the UK Government HMCT demands disclosure of assets overseas. (contact us should you want more info on this). The UK adds assets to the UK assets and then if appropriate taxes the combined assets. Sometimes up to 40%. The USA has just released their new grab on Death Tax as well and you can read up on it here – Please contact us should you be planning your Will and looking after your loved ones

Thai888 Law criminal charges

please be aware that if you are working under the radar then most probably you will get court and therefore you should have bond available for your release before your court appearance. Christmas day saw a man charged with importing a controlled substance and selling it. His charges were compounded as he had no bail money and offered his business up. Things got worse as he didn’t have a Work Permit and so other charges were laid. At the moment he sits in jail and after his sentence is served he will be deported and blacklisted.

Presentation by Kelvin Bamfield at the PCEC 2019

it was my pleasure to give another talk in 2019 at the PCEC on Murphy’s Law and the Law. Many don’t realise the legal framework when a foreigner dies in Thailand and if the right documents aren’t in place then it becomes a legal minefield. One case I resigned as the Executor as i felt the situation was not legal or ethical. I believe the estate is still being fought over. Other cases are moving along slowly as a few are dealing with the UK where after 5 years one estate is still not finished. Another case I have to go to Chiang Mai a few times to request the court to decide on the validity of 2 Wills and which one is legal making the other one void.

2020 start of the decade and you

I would request that as a foreigner living in Thailand that you think about your legal position here. Some say making a Will is bad luck or that “I don’t own anything so I don’t have to worry”. This is misguided as someone has to manage things when you die. You’re partner has to be looked after. Someone has to pay the bills. Several times the family overseas has contacted me not knowing what to do? and most times they advance some money to get the funeral / cremation arranged. They can be paid from what is in the estate after all is said and done. DONT be shy here and make a plan with Abroad Funerals Pattaya. We don’t do pre-paid funerals as there are no trusts or ESCROW accounts in Thailand to secure the funds.

Contact and then we can arrange LINE, SKYPE, WHATSAPP, MESSENGER for free calls with you. Life is very short and so arrange a Will Testament by Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals will take care of funeral arrangements

Speaker of the year at Pattaya City Expats Club PCEC 2019

Every Sunday at the Holiday inn the PCEC has breakfast and a guest speaker
Be there as no need to become a member

Thai888 Law & Abroad Funerals are at the PCEC every Sunday morning Holiday Inn Beach Road 10am.

If you have not been to a PCEC meeting then shame on you. It is in a beautiful venue with 3 large screens for slides of video to assist the speaker. I have done several presentations there and love it. Breakfast, if you want, is 250 baht, fresh bakery, juices, eggs, fruit, salad, bacon, noodles, etc. Membership if you want is around 400 baht per year and goes to running the club. Volunteers do most of the work.

Ren Lexander PCEC volunteer

Ren stood up to the plate when another Member Laurie passed away. Apart from a fantastic variety of guest speakers Ren is not shy with the microphone and presenting himself. This happened last Sunday where a scheduled guest speaker could not make it. Ren gave one of the best presentations of the year, if not the best. It was very informative and showed many different ways of thinking from the Thai people and Westerners.

The talk is here and anyone interested or living in Thailand click here

Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals Pattaya are proud members of PCEC

I bought his seduction by the stars book and loaned it out. Never came back. So I bought 3 copies and gave to friends. Funny, enjoyable read and road map for some